Man speaking about ESG communications

SMEs which have a strong commitment to communicating their ESG progress see many benefits in doing so. Although they may have no statutory duty, they plan measure and report because is it good for business.

In their report, The Courage of their Convictions, Danone and Tomorrow’s Company use interviews with 20 companies who espouse a purpose beyond profit to distil the benefits and the ways to succeed.

These benefits include:

  • more fulfilled staff and better recruitment
  • staff who think less of their own position and are more committed to the company’s goals
  • an improved licence to operate from regulators and public opinion
  • investors, who see success and want to invest
  • more loyal customers

Many customers in the B2B sector, need data from suppliers for their own ESG reporting.

All good reasons to enhance your performance and ESG communications.

But the big question is this. Do people trust you?

Accountancy firm Deloitte has quantified that reputational problems have the biggest impact on revenue and brand value.

Trust grows when companies demonstrate what they do to protect the environment, improve social cohesion and operate safely and responsibly.

Effective communications with stakeholders shapes opinions and reputation.

Some firms, inevitably, treat ESG as no more than window-dressing. For them, greenwashing or charity work is a form of distraction theory; look at all the good we’re doing on the periphery so you don’t notice that our core business is continuing in as exploitative and self-seeking manner as ever before.

Other businesses have opened their eyes to the link between unfettered capitalism and environmental or social degradation. These businesses recognise they must play their part in solving the world’s greatest, some would say existential, problems.

These are the organisations we help.

So, how does 360 Integrated PR go about building client reputation through ESG communications?

ESG communications process chart

The fundamentals are like any other business project. Measure, report, improve, review.

360 Integrated PR guides you through all these steps.

The good news is, you are probably doing more than you think about ESG. You’re just not getting the benefits of it because you are not telling people – inside your team and outside.

Specialist ESG communications support helps you to:

  • think afresh about language – clear, accessible, sensitive
  • decide what you reveal and when
  • keep a focus on the journey you’re on
  • guard against inappropriate or inaccurate stories and communications
  • defend you against any setbacks and unjustified criticism

ESG communications is not simply an annual report. Philip maintains a continuous, humble narrative communicated through mainstream media, social media, your own channels, internal communications, networks and collaborations.

And give yourself a break. You cannot solve all the world’s problems.